Affiliation & Club Fee component

There are four separate fixed Association fees that are compulsory payments on every (paying) membership; these are for:
  • National Level Fee - SAL (Swimming Australia)
  • State Level Fee - SQ (Swimming Queensland)
  • Region Level Fee - FNQ (Far North Queensland Association)
  • Club Level Fee - fee fixed by Stingrays

Club Merchandise Package for new members

Cairns Stingrays has applied an additional levy for its merchandise package which comprises:
  • Deluxe Stingrays branded multi-section swimming backpack
  • Stingrays branded water bottle
  • Stingrays branded superior silicone swimming cap
  • Stingrays printed Club shirt

Breakdown of Membership costs below:

2018–19 Season fees are as per below
Family members
Swimmer #1
Swimmer #2
Swimmer #3
Swimmer #4+
8-yr olds
7 & unders (+ equipment)
7 & unders - no equipment
New Member
$ 246.40
$ 246.40
$ 226.70
$ 218.50
$ 179.87
$ 113.35
Return Member
$ 138.05
$ 138.50
$ 118.35
$ 108.50
$ 71.52

Competition-standard facilities

The Club gets exclusive use of the pool faciities for its Club Nights; it is operated with a social atmosphere and there is a canteen that offers hot food on the night. We offer weekly raffles with prizes; incremental 'Series Awards' every four weeks, and importantly all members' activities whilst at the venue are covered by an insurance indemnity policy by its governing Associations through their compulsory subscriptions fees as part of the Membership Fee.
Our one coverall Membership cost allows every joining child full access to the Club's repertoire, including all Club Nights for the season (which now runs for around ten months of the year, with monthly Club Nights during the 'winter' months - April to August). It allows members to also participate in the local Swimming Carnival scene, of which there are on average a dozen or so to choose from, in various locations. This will also depend on your child's swimming competence and standard of achievement. Our coach would make an assessment of their capability and determine whether they are ready to represent the Club!
All new members also receive our Merchandise package of swim backpack, water bottle, swim cap and Club shirt when joining.
We have a tiered discount arrangement for multi-child families, where the third child and above are subject to discounted costs to make family membership more affordable.

Our only other additional payment is our Club Night Entrance Fee, which is a modest $5 cost per family on attending each Club Night; this comes to the Club to help cover our running costs and enabling us to provide our canteen food (for purchase at very reasonable prices).

All members can participate in our home Carnival

Cairns Stingrays holds it's own swimming carnival every year; this season it will be in early February 2019, and all our members are welcome to take part in it and enjoy the day. There will be all distance races staged including 25 metre, so as long as your child is capable of swimming that unassisted they are welcome to attend. The usual nomination procedure and costs will apply as per all of the regional carnivals, although a discount may apply for our own club members attending our home carnival.

Swimming Australia's pilot 'Junior Dolphin' Program is continuing this season enabling all children aged 7 and under to become members for free!*
(Children must be under the age of 8 at time of Sign-On to qualify under this program - we require all members to bring their child/rens' birth certificates for confirmation purposes).
*NOTE: 'FREE' refers to the waiving of all official swimming Association fees; Stingrays still offers it's equipment package for purchase to 7's & unders as an option, as outlined in the price list above.

The Junior Dolphin Program Ethic

  • Promote a fresh new environment which is fun and social
  • Allow children to improve their swimming skills in a non-competitive environment.
  • Provide a product tailored to suit the needs and abilities of young swimmers.
  • Provide a platform for a mutually beneficial relationship between swim schools and clubs.
  • Build a stronger base for coaches to identify, nurture and develop talented swimmers, and therefore:
  • Increase club membership through attraction of new members and retention of existing members.
As a further initiative, as of last season, Swimming Australia has introduced half-price membership for 8-year olds*
*NOTE: this is half price on the Club fee and affiliated Association fees (the National - SA (Swimming Australia) fee, the State - SQ (Swimming Queensland) fee, and the Regional - FNQRSA fee).
Clicking the button above will take you to swimming.org's APT registration website. Once there, please click on their "JOIN NOW" button and you will then be asked to select the club you wish to join in a drop-down list; select Cairns Stingrays SC.
Click 'Next' and you will then enter the online payment process; this is the payment of all Affiliation Fees, including our Club Fee.

Medical & Media Policy Form

As a swimming member you are required to provide us with a Medical declaration outlining any known medical conditions. It is also combined with a consent form for our media policy. Please submit this form for each child.